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"B-Style" : Constructing Recycling Society with Regional Resources for Settlement

Project Director:Hiroyuki Tanouchi(Visiting Researcher, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute)
Hiroyuki Tanouchi

"B-Style" Project is running in Niyodogawa-cho, Kochi prefecture, Japan. The concept of "B" is originated from "Plan B" supposed by Lester R Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute. He defined "Plan A" as "High quality but expensive", "Plan B" as superior in order to cost performances. As he mentioned, "Plan A" wastes fossil fuels a lot, bring degrade the quality of produce, consume, environment, and economy. In other words, it is defined as "Bubble Economy" based on reckless consumption of natural resources. On the other hand, "Plan B" is for stopping this situation, then realized recycling and sustainable society.

He recommended that we practice this "Plan B" in this century. We named this life style as "B-Style", and our project is practicing this society in Niyodogawa-cho and Niyodogawa-basin. Purpose of our project is divided into three parts, 1) Construction of supply and demand chain of natural energy resources which are mainly come from woody resources, 2) Construction of "Hyakugyo" (100 of multiple complementally jobs in rural area in Japanese), by detecting unused resources or reusing regional resources, 3) Construction of Eco-Friendly Society based on "B-Style" life style. At "B-Style society, those regional resources and economy circulate in regional area. Therefore, we are constructing the systems that are able to accept I/U-turn candidates.

First, our project is constructing supply and demand chain of natural energy resources. We systemize woody biomass supply chain from harvest, gathering, to resale these resources that are unused in conventional practices and remain in the forest after harvest, by method of "Jibatsu-Rinka". It means foresters who harvest woods by themselves, mainly in individual or family owned management.

By this practical experiment, we analyze productivity and economy. Then, we create "Hyakugyo" jobs, and place in "Hyakugo" jobs menu. This method is easy to entry into forestry because candidates do not require special skills. This system targets young age U-turn promotion, mainly.

Second, we create some "Hyakugyo" jobs using abandoned farmland. Our project grows rapeseed that has multi-functionality experimentally. Rapeseed is easy to grow, able to eat as vegetable, and one of the sightseeing resources.

This system targets young age or family I/U-turn candidates, who do not have own farmland. Abandoned farmland can be borrowed free easily. It is easy to use facilities for process. Therefore, we construct individual or family management system from cultivation, via process, to resale.

Raising rate of regional resource usage brings activation of regional economy. Especially in energy issue, energy originated from woods is on track in this area. Firewood and pellet boiler are introduced to some spa facilities. Energy resources begin to convert from fossil fuel to regional natural resources.
Thus, we aim to the region provide goods originated from natural resources for themselves and other area, reconstruct regional economy. Then we construct recycling society with regional resources for settlement, that are harmonized with regional environment, with spiritually rich.