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The article of the dialogue between Project Managers of Moonshot Goal 6 and Goal 8 is now available.

The Department of Moonshot R&D Program has published an article on NOTE <>, which is operated by our department, featuring a dialogue between Project Managers (PMs) affiliated with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST).

Hiroki Takahashi, Associate Professor of Experimental Quantum Information Physics (EQuIP) Unit (Goal #6), and Katsuhiko Miyazaki, Group Leader of the Neural Computation Unit (Goal #9), met for the first time, even though they both belong to the same university.

The two specialists, one in physics and the other in neuroscience/biology, discussed the realization of the future and human well-being and delved into the current state of the Moonshot R&D Program.

Please take a look, and please follow and share the NOTE!


From Okinawa to the World – Two Researchers go for a moonshot at OIST: Hiroki Takahashi x Katsuhiko Miyazaki


沖縄から世界へ ─ OISTでムーンショット目標に挑む2人 高橋優樹×宮崎勝彦