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Designing Era of 10 Billion Population and 100-year Life in 2050
Ideal future visions discussed in the CHANCE workshop on public

CHAllenge-driveN Convergence Engine (CHANCE)

JST launched an open platform for co-designing future society—Challenge-driven Convergence Engine (CHANCE)—beyond the limits of fields and research areas through a collaboration between academia, industry, and government in 2018. A circle of cooperation has been gradually widened and 13 organizations and 3 individuals are presently on the member list. Hitherto, CHANCE has engaged in various activities to design an ideal future society. JST recognizes 2050 as one of the significant years with the world population reaching approximately 10 billion and 50% of them turning 100 years. The world will face a shortage of various resources that are existential elements of humans. In response to this issue, we need to take urgent measures regardless of fields such as industry and academia.

JST planned the workshop: 2050 Japan Network of Networks, in collaboration with other CHANCE members including the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization and Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. After study meetings with these collaborators, we held the workshop at the JST Tokyo Headquarters in February. Approximately 60 participants from 20 organizations including CHANCE collaborators exchanged opinions based on their expertise and discussed on topics of water, foods, and resources in the next 30 years to come.

In the workshop, participants highlighted that water, food, and resources are correlated and that “circulation” is a common keyword among these elements. Moreover, they shared that the uneven water distribution, food losses, and circulation of resources are critical issues. For resolving these issues, they suggested changing values that our society had built for years.

We summarized the discussion in the workshop report—“Realizing ideal society for 2050—water, foods, and resources”—and published it on the CHANCE website. JST will encourage stakeholders in various fields to take tangible actions by sharing the report as a “vision” and aim to contribute to resolving of these issues by organizing co-creation activities with CHANCE-supporting organizations.

  • Amiable atmosphere in the workshop facilitated exchanges of creative ideas.

    Amiable atmosphere in the workshop facilitated exchanges of creative ideas.