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Miraikan opened "Visionaries Camp" — presenting visions of the future and communication in 10 years

How will we communicate in 2030? On October 4, 2019, Miraikan - the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, launched a unique exhibition named “Visionaries Camp” under the theme of “Communication in 2030.” Visitors will get the opportunity to discover the power of envisioning an ideal future and realizing its visions in the exhibition. The workshop “Miraikan Visionaries Camp,” held in March 2019, selected three teams, a total of nine 15- to 25-year-old “visionaries” to present awards for excellence. Since then, they have deepened the vision and conducted exhibitions of their ideas and tools to realize their visions with the cooperation of researchers and creators.

The exhibition comprises four aspects. In Step 1, visitors will try to imagine 2030 through a panel exhibition that raises current issues, including SNS dependence, decreasing birthrate, aging population, and LGBT. In Step 2, visitors will analyze communication with others and the new types of communication brought about by media. Step 3 shows the exhibitions created on the basis of ideas selected as the awards for excellence. Finally, visitors arrive at the last step of wearing a declaration tape and expressing their intention of harnessing various visions.

To live well in a society wherein science and technology are rapidly advancing, we need to utilize science and technology wisely. For this, “Visionaries” who depict their thoroughly considered ideal visions and realize them by involving others are essential. Miraikan discovers these young people and supports them to start their careers as “Visionaries.”

  • “Visionaries Camp” planned for the annual exhibition