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CRDS Released the Panoramic View Report-Integrated Version 2019—To Navigate in Today's Ever-Changing Science, Technology and Innovation Landscape

July 2019

Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS)

To formulate policies on science and technology and research and development(R&D) strategies, it is important to grasp the trends in society as well as science and technology at home and abroad, and to understand how science and technology will develop in the future. To this end, the Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS) publishes the Panoramic View Reports biannually.

With cooperation from 1,500 experts, the Panoramic View Reports 2019 were published in April in six volumes including the following topics: R&D Strategy of Major Countries History of Japanese Policies for STI (newly added); Environment and Energy; Systems and Information Science and Technology; Nanotechnology and Materials Research; and Life Science and Clinical Research—the last four volumes are organized field-wise.

Furthermore, to understand the whole picture of science and technology innovation in Japan, the CRDS released the Panoramic View Report-Integrated Version, compiling the trends in major countries and the key points in each field into one volume. This integrated version summarizes progress in data-driven science, R&D trends such as “big science”(i.e., big research projects supported by big budgets) and cross-disciplinary integration, and situations of rising expectations and responsibilities that society places on science and technology, and then, proposes actions to enable Japan to compete with the top nations in R&D.

In the midst of a turbulent world, this report is a map showing the whole picture of science, technology and innovation, and is a starting point of discussions towards the realization of a "future society" for which everybody hopes.