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Goal 6 R&D ProjectsResearch and Development of Theory and Software for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computers

Project manager (PM)KOASHI MasatoProfessor, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Summary of the project

This project aims to construct a co-design model encompassing qubit design, fault-tolerant architecture, and compilers and programming languages for efficient computation through collaborations of researchers in quantum information, architecture, and specific physical systems, thereby endeavoring to realize a large-scale quantum computer by the year 2050.

Milestone by year 2030

We will deliver a significant reduction in hardware requirements for realizing a large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computer.

Milestone by year 2030

Milestone by year 2025

We will develop a supporting tool for designing a fault-tolerant quantum computer with integration of hardware and software.

ilestone by year 2025

R&D theme progress reports

R&D theme structure of the project

To expedite the theoretical research, the project members of the R&D institutes are collaborating with each other beyond the assigned themes shown above and tackling the problems with their open minds

R&D theme structure of the project

Leader's institution

Univ. of Tokyo

R&D institutions

NTT, U of Tokyo, U of Tsukuba, TMDU, RIKEN, Osaka U, OIST, Keio U, Kyoto U, UEC, AIST

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