Promoting Globalization on Strategic Basic Research Programs


Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has one of activity plans, which is ‘Advancing the globalization for JST’s programs to promote creation of innovation’ as a core organization for implementing Japan’s science and technology policy in line with the objectives of the Science and Technology Basic Plan.

On this plan, Strategic Basic Research Programs aim to contribute creation of innovation by research achievement, and to maintain high level of research internationally. For this target, JST deems that it is necessary to enhance international activities, such as collaboration with foreign researchers and research presentations to the world in addition to activities of domestic research.


JST promotes the globalization of its Strategic Basic Research Programs.

The purpose of this promotion is (i) to accelerate the progress of its research in order to achieve the targets of the Strategic Sectors in cooperation with foreign research institutions and researchers, and (ii) to present JST’s research achievements to the world and acquire the recognition of its research activities in order to win the understanding and support from the international science community for JST Strategic Basic Research Programs.

JST accepts proposals as needed basis throughout the year from researchers of JST Strategic Basic Research Programs concerning international activities which are necessary and effective for the progress of their research. JST screens them in terms of necessity, appropriateness, effectiveness, etc., and then JST allocates some budget to adopted proposals and administrative support. Such proposals are categorized into three options: (1) International Symposium, (2) International Cooperative Research, and (3) Other International Activities.

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