The 2nd International Evaluation of Strategic Basic Research Program

Sept, 2011

This report describes the review on Strategic Basic Research Program (“the Program”) of Japan Science Technology Agency (JST) carried out by the 2nd International Advisory Committee (“the Committee”).
JST held the Committee meeting in February, 2011, according to its second mid-term plan (2007-2011). The Committee is chaired by Professor Akira Sawaoka, President of Daido University, and consists of 6 oversea and 7 domestic third-party expert members. The review has been carried out from the viewpoints of both the system/management and the outputs/outcomes.
The Strategic Basic Research Program is now composed of programs such as ERATO, CREST, PRESTO. It was set up in 2002 by integrating the basic research programs operated by JST up to then. The origin of the Program is traced back to the start of ERATO in 1981. The present review covers basically the entire term of the Program since 1981, with a particular emphasis on the review of the research projects that were completed after the last advisory committee meeting held in 2006.

The former part of the present report shows the review report by the Committee. The latter part shows the materials for the review, which had been prepared by JST and submitted to the Committee members prior to the meeting. The materials for the review include the items such as the system and the management of the Program, the achievements of the Program, and the relevant evaluation and the self-evaluation of the Program.

  1. Evaluation of JST Strategic Basic Research Program

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