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Development of High-Performance Nanostructures for Process Integration

Research Supervisor
Masahiro Irie
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Rikkyo University
Year Started

Strategic Sector

Creation of Next-Generation Nanosystems Through Process Integration

Research Projects

Year Started : 2010
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Jiro Abe Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University Development of High-performance fast photochromic materials
Kunio Awaga Professor, Nagoya University Electronic Functions of Radical-Nano Interfaces
Shin-ichi Ohkoshi Professor, The University of Tokyo Bottom-up synthesis of innovative functional nanomaterials based on magnetochemistry
Shgehiro Yamaguchi Professor, Nagoya University Creation and development of high-performance soft π materials
Shigeru Yamago Professor, Kyoto University Creation of hoop-shaped p-conjugated molecules through the supramolecular chemical approach and elucidation of their properties

Research Projects

Year Started : 2009
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Katsuhiko Ariga Principal Investigator,National Institute for Materials Science Dynamic Interfacial Nanotechnology for Integration between Nano and Macroscopic Worlds
Kazuaki Ishihara Professor, Nagoya University Highly functional catalysts based on acid-base combined supramolecular and dynamic complexation
Nobuharu Iwasawa Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology Exploration of Higher-Order Functionality Based on the Dynamic Self-Assembly of Boronic Esters
Michinori Suginome Professor, Kyoto University Nanoscale Chiral Molecular Rods for Hierarchical Integration and Assembly of Functions
Kazushi Mashima Professor, Osaka University Creating nano-scale multimetallic cluster catalysts for novel chemical transformation
Matsumoto Yasumichi Professor, Kumamoto University New Nano-hybrid Materials Fabricated from Nanosheets
Year Started : 2008
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Hiroshi Sugiyama Professor, Kyoto University Development of Biomolecular Nanosystem for Integration of the Information, Structure, and Functionality
Naotoshi Nakashima Professor, Kyushu University Design of High Performance Nanosystems using Soluble Carbon Nanotubes
Itaru Hamachi Professor, Kyoto University Construction of Dynamic Nano-Aggregates and their Bio-Relevant Functions
Akira Harada Professor, OsakaUniversity Dynamics and Functionalization of Self-Organized Supramolecular Polymers
Noritaka Mizuno Professor, The University of Tokyo Design of Highly Functionalized Nano-Materials by Hierarchical Three-Dimensional Control of Structures and Morphologies
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