The research for the mechanism of chronically intractable pain based on the functions of microglia as brain immunocompetent cell

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A type of intractable pain including neuropathic pain typically develops when peripheral nerves are damaged by surgery, bone compression in cancer, diabetes or infection, and does not go away even though tissue damage or inflammation has already healed. The pain is frequently resistant to NSAIDs and opioids, and many patients more than 20 millions in the world are in distress. We have discovered that brain immunocompetent cell microglia have very important role in evoking the intractable pain. In this project, we clarify the mechanism of the pain based on the functions of microglia and contribute to develop great medicines against the pain.

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Professor, Kyushu University
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The Creation of Basic Medical Technologies to Clarify and Control the Mechanisms Underlying Chronic Inflammation
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