Sustainable groundwater management system based on regional hydrologocal cycle

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Dependance on groundwater as water resources has been rapidly increased in many areas over the world because of the recent global worming and abrupt growth of world population. For the stable supply of water resources, it is urgently required to establish the sustainable groundwater management system based on the regional hydlorogical cycle. This project aims to establish the groundwater management system based on the regional groundwater flow system for its quantitative aspects and also to develop the on-site reduction method of the nitrate concentration in the groundwater aquifer and to develop the advanced nitrate monitoring system based on the freshwater fish for its qualitative aspect. The project will start to develop the methodologies at Kumamoto area, where is the most advanced groundwater utilization area in Japan, and then will apply the developed system to the remote coral islands, where stands on the edge of a precipice of groundwater quantity and quality.

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Professor, Kumamoto University
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Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use
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