New Water Reuse System using Urban Aquifer with Advanced Risk Management

Research Project Outline

The primary goal of this project is the development of a new urban water reuse system aided by the conversion process of water quality in subsurface environment for the adaptation to climate change in the near future. In this system, after wastewater treatment to a suitable level for underground infiltration process, urban wastewater is converted into a source of drinking water in the subsurface environment. In this project, we focus on the underground infiltration process and address the following issues:
1) Acceptable wastewater quality for underground infiltration process,
2) Conversion process of water quality in subsurface environment,
3) Sustainability of this water reuse system.
We also propose the technical requirements of this underground infiltration process with advanced risk management based on quantitative microbiological risk assessment (QMRA) and high-sensitivity monitoring of micropollutants.

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Professor, Kyoto University
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Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use
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