Roles of cell adhesion molecules in the formation of hippocampal neuronal circuitry

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The critical role of the hippocampus in long-term memory formation has been well established. Mossy fibers in the hippocampus extend from granule cells to form specialized synapses with the dendrites of CA3 pyramidal neurons and a variety of inhibitory interneurons. This interconnection of excitatory and inhibitory neurons regulates neuronal activities. We will focus on the roles of the cell adhesion molecules nectins and their associated protein afadin to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of (1) target cell recognition, (2) synapse formation, and (3) neuronal plasticity. Our results will contribute to the understanding of molecular mechanisms in the formation of neuronal circuits and to the development of novel strategies for treatment of neuronal diseases.

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Professor, Kobe University
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Elucidation of the Principles of Formation and Function of the Brain Neural Network and Creation of Control Technologies
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