Australia-Japan Workshop on Biodiversity At Shine Dome, Canberra, Australia 27-28 October 2009

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Australian Academy of Science (AAS)

Professor Motomi Ito, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Professor Yuji Isagi, Kyoto University, Japan
Dr. Hiroyuki Osada, RIKEN, Japan
Professor Barry Osmond, Australian National University, Australia

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Shine Dome
8.30 Welcome and opening remarks
Professor Jenny Graves FAA, Foreign Secretary, Australian Academy of Science
8.40 Welcome and workshop remarks
Mr Akira Takamatsu, Executive Director, Japan Science and Technology Agency

Workshop: Informatics of rare animals and plants
Chair Dr Arthur Chapman
8.50 Plenary address
Professor Motomi Ito Biodiversity informatics and its role for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
9.30 Dr Donald Hobern
The Atlas of Living Australia - Integrating biodiversity data
10.10 Professor David Miller
Coral genetics and genomics - Japan/Australia collaboration
10.50 Morning tea
Jaeger Room

Chair Professor Motomi Ito
11.15 Professor Hidenori Tachida
Population genetic analyses of closely related tree species
11.55 Professor Robert Henry
New tools for biodiversity assessment
12.35 Lunch and photo opportunity
Jaeger Room
1.35 Dr Nozomi Ytow
How a taxon can be rare in biodiversity databases
2.15 Professor Daniel Faith
International collaborations to support a global Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON): research challenges ranging from microbes to a global 2010 biodiversity target

Workshop: Biodiscovery and chemical ecology in terrestrial and marine organisms
Chair Professor Barry Osmond
2.55 Professor Lewis Mander
Structural and biosynthetic studies on the alkaloids from the Australian rainforest tree, Galbulimima belgraveana
3.35 Afternoon tea
Jaeger Room
4.00 Professor Daisuke Uemura
Bioorganic studies on marine natural products: Diverse chemical structures and bioactivities
4.40 Professor Ian Woodrow
Australian mallee eucalypts: Biofactories for useful natural products
5.20 Dr Hiroyuki Osada
Chemical biology of microbial metabolites
6.00 Close of day one

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Shine Dome
Workshop: Biodiscovery of chemical ecology in terrestrial and marine organisms (continued)
Chair Dr Hiroyuki Osada
8.30 Professor Hiroshi Tomoda
New antimycobacterial peptides produced by microorganisms
9.10 Dr Joe Holtum
Cryptic Australian Huperzia: The lure of biology, a promise of natural products and the challenges of conservation

Workshop: Investigation, conservation and utilisation of Australian and Japanese bio-resources and ecosystems
Chair Professor Daniel Faith
9.50 Professor Adrian Gibbs
Potyviruses: From where and when did they emerge?
10.30 Professor Masatsugu Yokota
Disjunctive distribution of some subtropical plants in Australia and the Ryukyus
11.10 Morning tea
Jaeger Room
11.40 Dr Pieter Poot
Western Australia's biodiversity: How special is it and what have we got to loose?
12.20 Professor Yuji Isagi
Conservation of biodiversity based on information obtained by UBIQUITOUS GENOTYPING
1.00 Lunch
Jaeger Room

Chair Professor Yuji Isagi
1.30 Professor Hiroyuki Matsuda
Quantitative projection of plant species loss for 1,697 taxa of Japanese vascular plants and its implication for achieving the 2010 biodiversity target
2.10 Professor Kazuki Tsuji
Environmental disturbances and biological invasion
2.50 Summary and closing remarks
Professor Motomi Ito and Professor Barry Osmond
3.00 Close of workshop