Developing elaborate human dummies with sensors,
named Bionic Humanoids
Project 1Bionic Humanoids
Bionic-Eye surgery Evaluator

Accurate replication of small tissues of the eye
Bionic-Brain surgery Evaluator

For training of transnasal endoscopic neurosurgery (1:00)
Bionic-Vasculature surgery Evaluator

Vascular model simulating realistic tactile feel during catheter insertion (0:54)
Project 2Smart Arm
Microsurgical robot system "Smart Arm"
Cutting-edge microsurgical robot developed by utilizing Bionic Humanoids (1:00)
Project 3Medical applications
High-definition 3DCG Head Anatomy
The world's highest-definition 3DCG head anatomy (0:58)
Project 4Industrial applications
Pain-Sensing dummy
For advanced evaluation of service robots (0:42)