Project Members

GROUPBiochemistry Group

  • 鈴木 勉

     Research Director
     / Group Leader

    Tsutomu Suzuki

    Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo Professor

    We search for novel RNA modifications from human cells and other organisms, and determine their chemical structures by RNA mass spectrometry. We also identify novel RNA-modifying enzymes and their genes, and study biogenesis and physiological function of the RNA modifications. To map and quantify all the modifications in human tRNAs, we develop a game-changing platform technology using nanopore sequencing of RNA modifications assisted by neural networks and deep learning. We attempt to control cellular processes by artificially manipulating RNA modifications, thereby establishing a technological basis for future drug discovery and therapeutic measures.

  • Group Members

    ・Yuriko Sakaguchi (Researcher)
    ・Kenjyo Miyauchi (Researcher)
    ・Shin-ichiro Akichika (Researcher)

    ・Takeo Suzuki (Researcher)
    ・Asuteka Nagao (Researcher)
    ・Takayuki Ohira (Researcher)
    ・Kensuke Ishiguro (Researcher)
    ・Ayaka Murayama (Technician)

    ・Ittoku Kikuchi (D4)
    ・Mayuko Takakura (D3)
    ・Hangyan Sun (D2)
    ・Xiao Yao (D2)
    ・Yufeng Mo (D2)
    ・Ayumi Nishi (D2)
    ・Naho Akiyama (D1)
    ・Ena Tomoda (D1)
    ・Tsaijung Liu (D1)
    ・Haruka Shioya (M2)
    ・Ren Nakazaki (M2)
    ・Ryo Noguchi (M2)
    ・Taishi Fujio (M2)
    ・Koichiro Tsurumi (M1)
    ・Masaki Takegawa (M1)
    ・Sena Niwa (M1)
    ・Ryotaro Hayashi (M1)
    ・Masahiro Muto (M1)
    ・Uruha Maeda (M1)
    ・Tamaki Nishioka (M1)
    ・Qiuyu Wang (M1)

GROUPPhysiology Group

  • 魏 范研

    Group Leader

    Fanyan Wei

    Department of Modomics Biology & Medicine IDAC, Tohoku University Professor

    The aim of our project is to understand the pathophysiological role of RNA modification in mammals. Specificially, we aim to understand how intracellular and extracellular RNA modification contribute to metabolic disease and aging. 

  • Group Members

    ・Akiko Ogawa (Researcher)
    ・Shigeru Matsuda (Researcher) 
    ・Haruna Tani (Researcher)

GROUPBioinformatics Group

  • 田 宏生

    Group Leader

    Hiroki Ueda

    Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo Project Lecturer

    We aim to develop advanced tools for detecting and quantifying RNA modifications. We will develop an algorithm that identifies the type and position of RNA modification by analyzing large-scale nanopore direct RNA sequence data using "Data Science" methods such as "Cloud computing" and "Deep learning".

  • Group Members

    ・Bhaskar Dasgupta (Researcher)
    ・Takefumi Yamashita (Researcher)
    ・Bo-yi Yu (D3)

GROUPSingle-Molecule Sensing Group

  • 山崎 洋人

    Group Leader

    Hirohito Yamazaki

    Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate Shool of Science, The University of Tokyo Postdoctoral fellow

    Our group works to develop a new single-molecule sensing methodology that can detect mechanical oscillation of specific RNA molecules by infrared laser irradiation(Single molecule infrared spectroscopy, SMIR). Furthermore, with the assist of SMIR development, our group tackles establishing the IR-based genetic expression method that controls the genetic activity of the cell by the IR-initiated-mechanical oscillation of RNA modification. Additionally, our group explores new RNA detection applications using solid-state/protein nanopore sensing modalities. 

  • Group Members

    ・Keiko Esashika (Technician)
    ・Takumi Uchida (M2)
    ・Sotaro Nakamura (M2)
    ・Naoki Otani (M1)
    ・Kazuki Nagashima (M1)
    ・Hikaru Nozawa (M1)

Project Headquarters

  • Administrative Manager

    Keiko Sato

    School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo Temporary Staff

    Administrative Staff

    Tomoko Suzuki

    School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo Temporary Staff

Past Members

・Yuma Ishigami(Researcher Oct.2020-March 2021)
* a postdoctPresentation fellow at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation from April 2021
・Yuta Noda(Oct.2020-March 2021)
* a postdoctPresentation fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from April 2021
・Keiichi Minowa(Oct.2020-March 2021)
* a postdoctPresentation fellow at Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from April 2021


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