International Symposium on Chromatin Architecture: Structure and Function



Invited Speakers


Antoine Coulon
Institut Curie – CNRS, France
Lucas Farnung
Harvard Medical School, USA
Yuan He
Northwestern University, USA
Steven Henikoff
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, USA
Hiroshi Kimura
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Melike Lakadamyali
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Harmit Singh Malik
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, USA
Yasuyuki Ohkawa
Kyushu University, Japan
Yuki Okada
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Noriko Saitoh
The Cancer Institute of JFCR, Japan
Timothy J. Stasevich
Colorado State University, USA

Organizer / Speaker


Hitoshi Kurumizaka
The University of Tokyo, Japan


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Registered participants will be able to watch the presentations for about 2 weeks after the symposium.
Note: Only presentations whose authors have given their consent will be available in the archives.







Dr. Kelly Nguyen had to cancel her participation in the symposium due to unavoidable circumstances.


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