ERATO BRAIN-AI Hybrid Project

What happens if you implant an AI in your brain?
What happens if you implant your brain in an AI?
What your world looks like if your brain is connected with the Internet?
How does your mind change if your brain is connected with other brains?

Approach I Brain-chip implantation

Implanting microchips with information sensors


We connect the brains to microchip sensors and feedback novel information that animals (or humans) cannot naturally sense to the neocortex. For example, we feedback geomagnetic filed, infrared light, and ultrasonic waves as environmental cues. We also feedback heartrate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels as bodily cues. Such newly acquired sensation may change brain functions and behaviors.

Approach II Brain-AI fusion

Feeding latent neural information back to the brain


With the aid of AI, we augment brain functions. We decode latent brain information that animals (or humans) are not normally aware of and send it back to their brains. Animals may be able to perform a task that they cannot normally learn by themselves.

Approach III Internet-linked brain

Connecting the brain to the Internet


We connect the brains to the Internet or electronic equipment. The connections between the brain and their environment may allow for direct equipment operation and web search.

Approach IV Multi-brain fusion

Function emerging through AI bridge of multiple brains


We connect multiple brains using information technology, which enables to share their information among multiple individuals. We search for a future style of a dialogue that is beyond classical communication tools, such as words and gesture.