ERATO-sponsored symposium “Experimental Evolutionary Approaches to Symbiosis” is held at the 11th Wolbachia Conference (Crete, Greece).


ERATO sponsored session “Experimental Evolutionary Approaches to Symbiosis”
(† ERATO invited speakers; * young invited speakers)

[Session I] Chair: Takema Fukatsu
† 14:00-14:20 Takema Fukatsu (AIST/Univ Tokyo/Univ Tsukuba, Japan) “Experimental evolutionary approaches to symbiosis”
† 14:20-14:45 Ryuichi Koga (AIST, Japan) “The things have small beginnings: various single mutations could make Escherichia coli an insect mutualist”
† 14:45-15:10 Chikara Furusawa (RIKEN/Univ Tokyo, Japan) “Exploring the universality of symbiosis: constructive and quantitative approaches to symbiotic evolution”
* 15:10-15:25 Georgia Drew (Univ Oxford, UK) “Experimental coevolution in a defensive symbiosis community”

[Session II] Chair: Takema Fukatsu
† 15:45-16:05 Yuichi Wakamoto (Univ Tokyo, Japan) “Bacterial growth and competition in geometrically structured habitats”
† 16:05-16:30 Shinji Fukuda (Keio Univ/Univ Tsukuba, Japan) “Genetic mutation in Escherichia coli genome during adaptation to the murine intestine is optimized for the host diet”
† 16:30-16:50 Shigeyuki Kakizawa (AIST, Japan) “Whole genome cloning of genome-reduced insect symbionts”
* 16:50-17:05 Inès Pons (Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tübingen, Germany) “Specificity of an obligate leaf beetle-bacterial symbiosis”
* 17:05-17:20 Julien Martinez (Univ Glasgow, UK) “Parallel evolution in Wolbachia-infected mosquito cell lines”

[1] Ya Yun Wang (AIST, Japan) “Disruption of a tryptophan metabolism gene as evolutionary entry point toward insect-bacterium mutualism”
[2] Minoru Moriyama (AIST, Japan) “Molecular mechanism of vertical transmission in stinkbug”
[3] Tomonari Nozaki (NIBB, Japan) “Polyploidy and insect-bacterium symbiosis: both symbionts and bacteriocytes exhibit extraordinarily high number of genomes per cell”
[4] Tomohito Noda (Univ Tokyo Japan) “Histological survey of bacteriocytes for harboring Blattabacterium endosymbiont among diverse cockroaches”
[5] Yuki Kanai (Univ Tokyo Japan) “Consequences of insertion sequence-mediated genome reduction in endosymbiotic organisms - experimental evolution and theory”
[6] Qian Bao (Univ Tokyo Japan) “Spatiotemporal dynamics of insect symbionts in microfluidic devices”