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Development of the High-Speed Molecular Evolution System for Enzymes using Nanobiochip Technologies

Takanori Ichiki
The University of Tokyo
Associate Professor
URL : http://bionano1.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

This research aims to develop the innovative biomimmetic manufacturing system of molecular machines by fusion of high-speed molecular evolution, nanobiochip, and single-molecule imaging technologies. This research is expected to realize a practical and versatile system for the evolution of enzyme molecules that are useful in various application fi elds such as medicines, clinical test, detergents, food processing, bioenergy, bioremediation, biosensors, and so forth.

Creation of New Nanostructured Materials and Manufacturing Processes for Next-Generation Electronics using Inorganic Nanosheets

Takayoshi Sasaki
National Institute for Materials Science
URL : http://www.nims.go.jp/softchem/

We will develop a solution-based nanofabrication technique, which involves layer-by-layer deposition of inorganic nanosheets as a two-dimensional functional building block into nanostructured or superlattice assemblies. Based on this new process, we will create nanofi lms with innovative electronic and magnetic properties, and also develop a new method for epitaxial growth of functional crystal fi lms, which will contribute to the progress of electronics and information technologies.

Novel Engineering of Hierarchically Structured Biomimetic Surfaces

Masatsugu Shimomura
Tohoku University
URL : http://poly.tagen.tohoku.ac.jp/Site/Top.html

In order to establish “Biomimetic Engineering”, that is a novel bottom-up typed manufacturing technology inspired by the hierarchical structuring and unique function characterized by self-assembly and self-organization of biological systems, hierarchically structured novel surfaces of various materials from nanometer to micrometer scale are newly prepared by using combination of physical self-organization processes, e.g. regular pattern formation from disorder by using dissipative structures, and chemical plating processes.

Development of Single Electron Devices by Highly Precise Bottom-up Processes

Yutaka Majima
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Materials Structures Laboratory
URL : http://www.msl.titech.ac.jp/~majima/

We develop the novel single electron devices by using highly precise three bottom-up processes. First, nanogap electrodes with 5 nm or less in gap separation are fabricated by electroless plating with a self termination process. Second, metal clusters and molecular wires using metal complexes are synthesized for a use as Coulomb islands. Third, the synthesized Coulomb islands are selectively integrated into the nanogaps. By using these highly precise bottom-up processes, we demonstrate a single electron device operation at room temperature and establish fabrication processes toward a logic circuit.

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