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List of Speakers

Symposium Workshop

HIroyuki Watanabe

Senior Technical Executive, Toyota Motor Corporation

HIroyuki Watanabe

Hiroyuki Watanabe joined Toyota in 1967 upon completing mastergraduate studies in aeronautical engineering at Kyushu University. In 2004, developing the fuel cell vehicles, he was awarded a doctor’s degree of engineering by Kyusyu University During his career.

In 1989, Dr. Watanabe became the chief engineer responsible for the Toyota Crown and he created the first generation of Lexus GS. Named to the Board of Directors in 1996, Dr. Watanabe directed Toyota’s R&D works on hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, and was responsible for Toyota’s Future Project Division and worldwide operations in after-sales service and parts. In 1999, he was made a managing director, and in 2001, a senior managing director. During those years, he was responsible for R&D, product development, environmental affairs, quality control and IT & ITS development and operations. In June 2005, he became a senior technical executive.

Participating Program

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