GIES Global Innovation Ecosystem

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International Symposium on Global Innovation Ecosystem 2007

A new initiative called 'Innovation 25' to formulate and execute a National Innovation Ecosystem in Japan began in October 2006, under the auspices of Prime Minister Abe. It is a major initiative to make Japan one of the most innovative countries by 2025, through the design and implementation of broad-based policies. This initiative applies to Japan's entire social system with emphasis on education, as well as to scientific and technological research and development.

As the final report of Japan's Innovation 25 initiative was announced in May 2007, we plan to take the opportunity to promote and publicize the initiative at the Global Innovation Ecosystem (GIES) 2007 conference. Part I of GIES 2007 will be a symposium where the target audience will be the Japanese public including young business leaders. The expectation is that they will become aware of the broad spectrum of innovation required for economic growth in the face of an ageing population. The role of innovation in improving the international competitiveness of Japan's economy will be emphasized, as will the great potential for Japan's innovations to contribute to improving the world.

At the same time, we will remind the public of the urgent need to progress from familiar ways of thinking and conventional attitudes to make Innovation 25 a reality in Japan by 2025. The symposium will also provide the opportunity to let the world know of Japan's commitment to implement changes in the social system necessary to encourage innovation. In particular, we will emphasize Japan's dedication to build open and universal systems so that the needs of the Japanese, as well as the world, will be given a high priority in the effort to build an innovative society.

June 2007