R&D Strategy Planning

Throughout dialogue with stakeholders and data analysis, JST formulate R&D strategies toward the future.

Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS)

CRDS aims to serve as a public think tank, by providing analyses of domestic and international trends in science and technology and proposals for policy-making in our country.

China Research and Sakura Science Center(CRSC)

The primary missions of the China Research and Sakura Science Center (CRSC) are to build up a powerful network in Japan and China of people and information in the fields of science and technology and education, and contribute to the creation of innovation in both countries. CRSC also works to resolve common issues such as the environment, energy, the aging of society with a declining fertility rate, and resources and food problems.

SAKURA SCIENCE Exchange Program (Sakura science plan)

With close collaboration among industrial, academic and governmental institutions, this program offers opportunities for excellent young scientists from the rest of Asia to visit Japan.

Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS)

LCS proposes social scenarios and strategies toward realizing “affluent low carbon society.”
In response to the Paris Agreement, effective in 2016, science and technology based “affluent low carbon society,” which brings about sustainable economic and social development as well as CO2 emission reductions of Japan, should be realized.
LCS draws up the vision of such a desirable society and proposes social scenarios and strategies that show pathways to the society through LCS's social scenario research.