R&D Strategy Planning

Throughout dialogue with stakeholders and data analysis, JST formulate R&D strategies toward the future.

Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS)

CRDS aims to serve as a public think tank, by providing analyses of domestic and international trends in science and technology and proposals for policy-making in our country.

Social scenario research program towards a carbon neutral society

As efforts aiming at achieving a carbon neutral society accelelate worldwide, science and technology based “affluent carbon neutral society,” which brings about sustainable economic and social development as well as CO2 emission reductions in Japan, should be realized. This program seeks to draw up the vision of such a desirable society and proposes social scenarios and strategies that show pathways to the society through social scenario research.

Asia and Pacific Research Center

The Asia and Pacific Research Center (APRC) is promoting the following projects with the aim of becoming a foundation that supports science and technology cooperation between the rapidly developing Asia region, Pacific region and Japan.

Research: Information gathering and research in a wide range of fields in the Asia and Pacific regions.
Information: Two-way information dissemination, etc. regarding science and technology in the Asia and Pacific regions.
Networking: Promotion of exchanges with research institutes in the Asia and Pacific regions.