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Formulation and release of J-STAGE‘s medium- to long-term strategy

March 15, 2019
Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic(J-STAGE)

J-STAGE has formulated a “Medium- to long-term strategy for the promotion of academic journals in Japan” as its operating policy for the next five to seven years. This was released on March 15, 2019.

J-STAGE has responded to the needs of the times as a platform for e-journals published by academic societies and associations in Japan since it launched services in 1999. However, in recent years, platforms for e-journals have been rapidly progressing in terms of technology and have come to provide various functions. In addition, the circumstances surrounding journal publication have been swiftly changing, including the diversification of research workflow.

Until now, J-STAGE has promoted activities in accordance with the “Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic(J-STAGE) Operational Policy (report)” created by an outside expert committee in 2013. Responding to the circumstances mentioned above, the J-STAGE Advisory Committee (established in March 2018), which is run by external experts, formulated the new medium- to long-term strategy.

J-STAGE has moved away from its previous policy of uniform services for all journals. Its new policy will provide specific services depending on the aims and strategies of each journal as well as intangible services. J-STAGE will proactively engage in pilot projects (service planning and design, verification of effects, etc.) with partnering user organizations to offer necessary and effective services.

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