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JST Sakura Science Plan published the Situation Report of COVID-19 in Various Countries by Sakura Alumni on the website

Sakura Science Exchange Program(Sakura Science Plan)

As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, the WHO declared it as a pandemic. Through the programs of Sakura Science Plan, JST has invited talented, young people, mainly from Asian countries (including regions), to Japan for a short period of time. (As of May 23, the invitation program of FY2020 has been postponed.) We have been calling on our alumni who have been connected through the program to report the current situations of their countries. As of May 22, we posted 27 reports from 19 countries and region, and more reports will be added. The situations are different in each country and region; however, the reports from the alumni have conveyed common messages that they hope for an end to this situation as soon as possible, and that they want to visit their favorite country, Japan, again with big smiles.

Please understand that the information in each report is at the time of its reporting, and it may differ from the latest situation. All the reports are based on the observations, perceptions, and information collected locally by the various authors, most of whom are young university veterinary faculty members in their respective countries (including regions).

We asked Professor Ooi Hong Kean, School of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University, to cooperate in checking the reports. Since 2014, Professor Ooi has conducted the open application program in the Sakura Science Plan annually, with themes related to infectious diseases in the zoonotic and epizootic fields. He has invited researchers from a wide range of countries in that field and summarized the research results of infectious diseases on the bulletin. He has formed an international network with the invited researchers after the program and tackled prevention measures of the infectious diseases.

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    Professor Ooi