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Outline of each themes and Scholar

Phase 2 2013 - 2016

Yoshiaki Uchida
Yoshiaki Uchida detail
Creation of Organic Magneto-Optical Materials Utilizing Magneto-LC Effects and Photonic Structures
Makoto Ouchi
Makoto Ouchi detail
Creative Macromolecular Chains via Bond Manipulation: Advanced Functions from Control of Position, Sequence, and Topology
Hiroki Oguri
Hiroki Oguri detail
Synthesis of skeletally diverse and densely functionalized scaffolds and development of biological interface for production of useful molecules
Kohji Ohno
Kohji Ohno detail
Development of Polymer/Ionic-Liquid Blend Films Stabilized by Polymer-Brush-Afforded Hybrid Particles
Toshihiro Okamoto
Toshihiro Okamoto detail
Creation of an innovative organic semiconduct moelcular system
Yoshiyuki Kageyama
Yoshiyuki Kageyama detail
Directive Movement of Heterointegrated Soft Molecular Assembly
Kiyohiko Kawai
Kiyohiko Kawai detail
Development of Molecular Technology that Enables the Control of Fluorescence Blinking
Shigeki Kawai
Shigeki Kawai detail
Revealing mechanical, electronic, and chemical properties of molecules at atomic-scale
Michiko Kimoto
Michiko Kimoto detail
Creation of low-molecular aptamer-drug conjugates by using unnatural base pair systems
Yoshiko Takenaka
Yoshiko Takenaka detail
Bottom-up technologies for a sliding nano-actuator
Kazukuni Tahara
Kazukuni Tahara detail
Selective Funcitonalization of Graphene by Using Self-Assemblies of Reactive Molecules
Yuta Nishina
Yuta Nishina detail
Tunable synthesis and functionalization of 2-dimentional carbon nanosheets
Masaki Hada
Masaki Hada detail
Photoinduced structural dynamics of functional organic materials explored with femtosecond electron probes
Teruaki Hayakawa
Teruaki Hayakawa detail
Creation of Ultra-microfabricating Molecular Materials and Self-assembly Technology
Yuji Higuchi
Yuji Higuchi detail
Degradation and fracture processes of polymers: combination between quantum chemistry and statistical physics
Yong-Jin Pu
Yong-Jin Pu detail
Practical Breakthrough in Organic Photon?Electron Conversion Devices by Control of Spin Multiplicity Conversion
Takahiro Muraoka
Takahiro Muraoka detail
Development of Synthetic Protein Mimics toward Molecular Treatment Technology for Protein Diseases
Michio Murakoshi
Michio Murakoshi detail
Mechanical understanding of biomembrane molecules and its application to nanobiodevice innovation

Phase 3 2014 - 2017

Itsuki Ajioka
Itsuki Ajioka detail
Development of brain regeneration divice using artificial protein activated under hypoxia
Hiroharu Ajiro
Hiroharu Ajiro detail
Creation of biomaterial for circulatory organ by multi-functional polymer
Takayuki Katoh
Development of molecular technologies for synthesizing mirror-image proteins and nucleic acids
Satoru Karasawa
Satoru Karasawa detail
Development of Metal Free MRI Contrast Agents Enable to Assemble against Cancer by Taking advantage of Cooperative Effect of Inter-Molecule Interaction
Yuki Kurashige
Yuki Kurashige detail
Theoretical modeling of the high-order electronic functions of organic molecular aggregates based on the advanced electronic-structure theory.
Shigeki Kuwata
Shigeki Kuwata detail
Creation of New Functional Catalysts Based on Molecular Technology for Proton and Electron Transfer
Takamasa Sakai
Takamasa Sakai detail
Gel System Based on Critical Gelation Clusters
Kotaro Satoh
Kotaro Satoh detail
Novel Macromolecular Technology of Versatile Copolymerization System via Multiple Reactions
Atsushi Shishido
Atsushi Shishido detail
Development of Molecular Alignment Technology by Means of Moving Light
Katsunori Tanaka
Katsunori Tanaka detail1 Katsunori Tanaka detail2
Therapeutic In Vivo Synthetic Chemistry: Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds In Animals
Tetsuya Narushima
Tetsuya Narushima detail
An attempt toward chiral optical devices based on strong localized optical activities
Takeshi Hata
Takeshi Hata detail
Creation of Hetero-π-conjugated Molecules by Using Sustainable Process for Molecular Transformation
Taiki Hoshino
Taiki Hoshino detail
Establishment of the dynamcal study of frictional interfaces using coherent X-rays
Nobuhiro Yanai
Nobuhiro Yanai detail
Depelopment of Molecular Technology for Photon Upconversion
Junpei Yuasa
Junpei Yuasa detail
Molecular systems for control of the spin state of photon