Synthesis of Knowledge for Information Oriented Society
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Research Area, Research Theme

1. Research area:

"Synthesis of Knowledge for Information Oriented Society"

2. Research Supervisor:

Hideyuki Nakashima (President, Future University-Hakodate)

3. Overview of Research Area

This Research Area shall aim to develop fundamental technology for the generation of societally effective "knowledge" (useful information) from diverse and/or large-scale data.
Specific examples of research targets in this Area include: innovative technologies for the processing of large-scale data, technologies for analysis and modeling based on statistical and mathematical frameworks, technologies for extracting knowledge by structuralizing and analyzing diverse real-life data, and technologies for creating new knowledge from multiple resources (e.g. information acquisition through sensors and/or simulation results). In addition to these fundamental technologies, the Area includes research such as simulation and data visualization that support application of the obtained knowledge to real life; and that support the workings of the new information society.

4. Policy for Research Area management by the Research Supervisor

Various systems of contemporary society were basically consolidated before the advent of the computer and the Internet. The emergence of information technology opened up a new possibility of fundamentally altering these systems. In particular, since the processing of large-scale data is beyond human capacity, it can be regarded as a field that holds great promise in improving social systems. Trying to devise new systems for obtaining and processing large-scale data will enable us to create systems that had hitherto been impossible to implement, and thereby make society more efficient, resolve current problems, or even improve the quality or quantity of human intellectual activities.
A research theme of this domain is suggestion such as the technique to take information from the reality world not only I intend for research and development suggestion of the new base technology that fixed its eyes on application to such real world and the large scale information that are already provided. It is suggestion with the relation with the society which it estimates structure and mechanism from data drifting in the network, and it reads information, and send the information that I read to the real world.
The research themes of this Research Area are set up to promote R & D proposals for new fundamental technologies that embrace such real-world applications. They are the innovative themes for capturing information from the real world and utilizing it, as well as new frameworks for processing large-scale information already available, and themes with application to the society in mind, such that lead to new framework and/or mechanism for gathering large-scale data, that read out information from data drifting in the network, or that present new usage of information to the real world.
As for the type of research, there are the three-year and five-year types. Basically, three-year types are for development of fundamental technologies/theories of "Synthesis of Knowledge" and five-year types should include applications to "Information Oriented Society." There are the themes, in this Research Area, to have good understanding of the spearheading quality of research that is already underway under PRESTO program scheme, that point to technology seeds novel enough to create new needs that transcend the confines of contemporary social needs, and that are challenging enough and yet basic enough to form the core of the Research Area, shaping its future direction.