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Takeo Igarashi

Research Site Tokyo University, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (Professor)
Research Field User Interface, Computer graphics (Information of media)

Hitoshi Isahara

Research SiteToyohashi University of Technology, Information foundation Center of media (Professor)
Research Field Information engineering, Natural language processing

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Research Site Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering (Professor)
Research Field Perception information processing, Intelligence robotics

Yasuhiro Katagiri

Research Site Future University Hakodate, The system information science part information architecture department (Professor)
Research Field Cognitive science (information architecture practice II, integrated circuit and system)

Hideaki Kuzuoka

Research Site Tsukuba University, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies (Professor)
Research Field Numerical Analysis, Designing future multimedia system, Technical English II, Cooperative Man-Machine Interaction

Yoichi Takebayashi

Research Site Shizuoka University, Graduate School of Science and Technology (Professor)
Research Field Human interface, Artificial Intelligence

Masahiko Tsukamoto

Research Site Kobe University, Graduate School of Engineering (Professor)
Research Field Information science , Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Entertainment Computing

Kumiyo Nakakoji

Research Site Kyoto University,Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research,Unit of Design(Professor)
Research Field Human-Computer Interaction,Socio-Technical Software Development Support,Computational Support for Creative Knowledge Work

Koichi Hashida

Research SiteGraduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative,The University of Tokyo(Professor)
Research Field Natural language processing, cognitive science, knowledge engineering, service engineering
URLIn preparation

Michihiko Minoh

Research Site Kyoto University, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (Professor)
Research Field Picture information processing, Image recognition, Three-dimensional model processing, Information media (image processing , multimedia, information science , visual inn traction and intelligence informatics)

Hiroyuki Morikawa

Research Site Tokyo University, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (Professor)
Research Field Wireless and Mobile Communication,Network Security Coding Theory,Network Programming ,Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Keiji Yamada

Research Site NEC C & C Innovation Research Laboratories (Director)
Research Field Pattern recognition learning, Recognition type humor man interface, ubiquitous system