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Goal 3 R&D ProjectsNew Life Spheres Opened up by AI Robots

Project manager (PM)UENO MunetakaSenior researcher, Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Summary of the project

The goal of manned space exploration is to challenge the limits of extreme environments such as the Moon and Mars, enabling not only humanity but all forms of life to establish independent habitats beyond Earth's dependence. This project aims to develop and utilize AI robot technology to build a base system with smart technology and behavior modification techniques, advancing research and development towards the realization of a long-term viable habitat for humanity by 2050.
In addition, developed technologies can be applicable to the earth such as natural disasters and etc.

Milestone by year 2030

Develop a smart residential system equipped with AI robot technology that can sustain human life. Install and utilize this system in various Earth environments such as disaster-stricken areas and outdoor settings, contributing to the resolution of societal issues. Additionally, achieve a high level of completion for a system that can be integrated into international manned exploration plans, including lunar base activities.

Milestone by year 2025

Develop an initial version of a smart residential system equipped with AI robot technology that can sustain human life. Through experiments in demonstration fields, demonstrate the applicability of the system to future lunar base activities.

Outline of R&D

R&D theme structure of the project

R&D theme structure of the project

Leader's institution

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

R&D institutions

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tokyo University of Science, Doshisha University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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