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Moonshot Goal10Realization of a dynamic society in harmony with the global environment and free from resource constraints, through diverse applications of fusion energy, by 2050.

Program Director (PD)YOSHIDA ZenshoDirector General, National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences


In order to put fusion energy (energy produced by nuclear fusion reactions) to practical use, innovation that realizes stable energy generation systems and building scientific knowledge that can accurately predict the complex phenomena involved is essential.

This R&D program will cast back from society in 2050, where fusion energy is implemented into various applied technologies, to identify key issues that would have to be faced before implementation and to conduct R&D to find solutions to those issues. Furthermore, we aim to create disruptive innovations that implement fusion energy into society by collaborating across a wide range of scientific and technological fields.


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YAMADA Hiroshi* Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
ANDO Akira Specially Appointed Professor, Advanced Graduate School, Tohoku University
UEDA Yoshio Professor, Otemon Gakuin University
KASHIWAGI Mieko Senior Researcher, Naka Institute for Fusion Science and Technology, National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology
KONDO Hiroko Representative of Matrix K,LLC)
TSUNETA Saku Director, Astronomy Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology
HATTORI Kenichi Representative of Helicity X
MORII Takashi Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition, Kyoto Koka Women's University
YAMAZAKI Yasunori Senior visiting scientist, RIKEN
YAMADA Michio Project Professor, RIMS, Kyoto University

*Sub Program Director

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