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The Innovation of Simulation Technology and the Construction of Foundations for Its Practical Use

Research Supervisor
Norihisa Doi
Professor, Chuo University
Year Started


This research aims at innovating simulation technology and constructing a relevant practical infrastructure, with consideration given to reliability and ease of use, through the cooperation of computer science and computational science. In particular, this field develops new simulation techniques which can be seamlessly applied to phenomena observed in various substances, materials and biological entities on scales from micro to macro, techniques for systematizing dispersed databases and software resources, research on novel algorithms which can be used as the basis for the rapid development of computational methods, and the development of platforms which simplify the handling of basic software and information resources and the creation of standard packages which can be utilized in multiple fields.

Strategic Sector

Establishment of Next Generation Integration Simulation Technology for Realizing Advanced Treatment and Precision Product Design Based on the Phenomena of Atomic/Molecular Level in the Medical Treatment and Information Industry

Research Projects

Year Started : 2004
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Shin'ichi Oishi Professor, Waseda University Study on Validated Numerical Simulation for Linear Systems
Shigenori Tanaka Professor, Kobe University Development of Bio-Simulation Systems Based on the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method
Takashi Tanaka Professor, Kyushu University Realtime Simulation of the Space Weather
Masaru Tomita Director General / Professor, Keio University Development of Modeling/Simulation Environment for Systems Biology
Tomoyuki Higuchi Vice Director General/Professor, Research Organization of Information and Systems Development of Advanced Data Assimilation and Adaptive Simulation Methods
Takeo Fujiwara Professor, The University of Tokyo Novel Methodology of Electronic Structure Calculations by Combining Several Different Aspects
Year Started : 2003
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Hirokazu Anai Researcher, Fujitsu Limited Construction of a Platform for Robust Optimization based on Symbolic-numeric Hybrid Computation
Kiyohito Ishida Professor, Tohoku University Development of the Integrated Design System for Materials Microstructure and Properties
Takashi Sasaki Professor, KEK Development of Software Framework for Simulation in Radiotherapy
Naoki Takano Professor, Ritsumeikan University Multi-professional Simulator for Biomedical Study of Human Bone
Umpei Nagashima Principal Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Development of Large Scale Molecular Orbital Calculation System on Grid
Toshiaki Hisada Professor, The University of Tokyo Development of Multi-scale and Multi-physics Simulator of Heart for Disease Care and Drug Discovery
Year Started : 2002
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Seiichi Koshizuka Professor, The University of Tokyo Multi-physics Simulator Using Particle Method
Kimiaki Saito Chief Senior Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency Development of Super Parallel Computing Simulation Systems for Improving the Quality of Radiotherapy
Masao Doi Professor, The University of Tokyo Research and Development of the Multi- Scale Modeling of Rheological Phenomena in Biological Systems
Akira Nishida Visiting Researcher, Chuo University Development of Software Infrastructure for Large Scale Scientific Simulation
Satoshi Watanabe Professor, The University of Tokyo Development of Simulators for Nano-scale Measurements of Materials Properties
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