Research on the metabolic pathway of alkenones in marine haptophte algae and the development of new algal oil production technology

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The haptophyte algae, especially coccolithophorids, are thought to had played major role for the production of petrolium and limestones in geological era. The algae still produce huge blooms and biomass by fixing carbon dioxide photosynthetically even in the present ocean. The long-chain lipids, named alkenones, produced by the algae can be one of important candidates for algal biofuel production. This research focuses on the elucidation of metabolic pathway of biosynthesis of alkenones and the development of biotechnology for the mass production of biofuels using marine haptophycean microalgae and seawater.

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Professor, University of Tsukuba
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Creation of Basic Technology for Improved Bioenergy Production through Functional Analysis and Regulation of Algae and Other Aquatic Microorganisms
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