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Characterization of hydrocarbon biosynthesis and secretion mechanisms by the green microalga, Botryococcus braunii to control biofuel production

Research Project Outline

The green microalga Botryococcus braunii produces unusually large amounts of liquid hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide and photosynthesis, and secretes these hydrocarbons outside of cells. These hydrocarbons are promising as an alternative fuel source since they are chemically very similar to petroleum. The objective of this research project is to understand “why and how” those hydrocarbons are produced and secreted by this alga at not only the cellular but also the molecular level. The unique hydrocarbon production and secretion mechanisms in this alga will be genetically engineered using the basic information obtained through this project in order to establish more effective technology for biofuel production.

Research Director
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
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Creation of Basic Technology for Improved Bioenergy Production through Functional Analysis and Regulation of Algae and Other Aquatic Microorganisms
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