Development of Iron Catalysts for Advanced Organic Synthesis

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Homogeneous catalysis using rare metal complexes plays an important role in fine chemical processes producing pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and plastics. Now rare metals have faced problems of shortage as the resource, high cost, and environmental issues in usage. Their replacement by common metals is a solution of this project pursuing, and iron is the key element for us. The project is aimed at establishing design of the iron catalyst and developing the most suitable reaction media for iron catalysis, which are achieved by two concepts, "ligand field control" and "reaction governed by the reaction media". The final goal of this project is development of highly active and selective iron catalysts, which should be recoverable from the reaction mixture and reusable. These are accomplished by two scientific fields, science of the element and process chemistry.

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Professor, Kyushu University
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Creation of Innovative Functions of Intelligent Materials on the Basis of the Element Strategy
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