ppOpen-HPC: Open Source Infrastructure for Development and Execution of Large-Scale Scientific Applications on Post-Peta-Scale Supercomputers with Automatic Tuning (AT)

Research Project Outline

We propose an open source infrastructure for development and execution of optimized and reliable simulation codes on post-peta (pp) scale parallel computers with heterogeneous computing nodes which consist of multicore CPU's and accelerators., named “ppOpen-HPC”. ppOpen-HPC consists of various types of libraries, which covers various types of procedures for scientific computations. Source code developed on a PC with a single processor is linked with these libraries, and generated parallel code is optimized for post-peta scale system. Capability of automatic tuning is important and critical technology for further development on new architectures and maintenance of the framework.

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Professor, The University of Tokyo
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Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing
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