Development and Evaluation of Water Reuse Technologies for the Establishment of 21st century type Water Circulation System

Research Project Outline

In order to establish a novel urban water cycle system appropriate for the 21st century, we are going to develop novel water reclamation technologies for cascade use of river water, lake water, sewage and treated wastewater; to assess the developed technologies from the viewpoint of energy consumption for water transportation and treatment as well as control ability of risk agents in the reclaimed water; to characterize water application, safety levels of the reclaimed water by the developed technologies; and to evaluate the novel urban water cycle system applying the developed technologies from the viewpoint of integrated water resources management including water safety, energy consumption, and environmental effects. Finally, we are going to compare novel and conventional urban water cycle systems and propose a custom-made system suitable to specific areas.

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Professor, Kyoto University
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Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use
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