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Improvement of performance of thin film compound semiconductor photovoltaic cells towards the after next generation.

Research Project Outline

Aiming to supply of renewable energy stably at the after next generation, we will improve the performance of rare-metal free thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells. In order to stop the global warming and to spread the PV cells for the low-carbon society, we should aim at both the stable supply of raw material of PV cells and the increase in the conversion efficiency. This project aims to develop a new type PV cell that can be supplied steadily in the market place. This project includes the following three stages: increase in the conversion efficiency of In-free CZTS-based thin film PV cells, development of new materials for PV cells and buffer layer, and development of a new nano-structure for PV cells.

Research Director
Professor, Nagaoka National College of Technology / Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan
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Creative research for clean energy generation using solar energy
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