Development of high performance OH ion conducting membrane and fuel cell technology platform for the advancement of novel all solid-state alkaline fuel cells.

Research Project Outline

In this study, we will try to establish a basement for the development of “all solid-state alkaline fuel cells". These fuel cells can use any metal catalysts; however there are virtually no membranes available at present limiting their practical use. In this study, we will reconsider the traditional ion conduction mechanism, and expect to develop new high OH-ion conductive membranes for these fuel cells. Our goal is to build a global technology platform to accelerate the development of these innovative “all solid-state alkaline fuel cells". High efficiency, low cost due to the possibility of using metals other than platinum as catalyst as well as the prospect of using a variety of fuels will be the key advantages of this new technology.

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Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Creation of Innovative Technologies to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
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