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Sophisticated Utilization of Alkaliphilic Strains of Oil-producing Green Alga, Botryococcus

Research Project Outline

The green alga, Botryococcus braunii absorbs carbon dioxide by photosynthesis and produces oil with the purity of more than 90%. The objective of this research project is to increase the effi ciency of oil production of the alkaliphilic Botryococcus strains to one digit higher than the present level. To achieve the goal, the three research groups of biology, chemistry and engineering construct the culture and information centers as the research fundamentals of this project and perform the studies on optimum conditions for oil production, genetic im-provement of the strains, effi cient extraction and cascaded utilization of oil and the other bioactive compounds, and mass cultivation in outdoor test- and demonstration-plants. Based on the results obtained, the design of the large-scale plant with market value will be drafted, opening up a new vista offuture large-scale commercial plant.

Research Director
MakotoM. Watanabe
Professor, University of Tsukuba
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Creation of Innovative Technologies to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions
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