Development of an Automated Synthesis Apparatus and a Large Production for a Highly Functional Molecule "Super Catalytic Antibody"

Research Project Outline

"Super catalytic antibody" is a nano-molecule and possesses sophisticated functions recognizing the targeted antigen with high specificity and can enzymatically cleave it. From the viewpoint of tailor-made therapy, in this study, we will develop essential and/or elemental technologies in order to complete the epochal tool (automated synthesis apparatus), with which a medical doctor can make the human "Super catalytic antibody" suitable for each patient. In addition, we will genetically make some human "Super catalytic antibodies", develop the large production method, and investigate their behavior in vivo. Through these studies, we will realize human "Super catalytic antibody" as the new medicine against infectious viruses and cancers as a front runner in the world.

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Professor, Oita University
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Establishment of Innovative Manufacturing Technology Based on Nanoscience
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