Extremely Low Power System Display by Use of Fine Gate Structure

Research Project Outline

The purpose of the project is to achieve extremely low power thin film transistors (TFT) for operation of display devices by use of a low temperature Si oxidation method developed by us "nitric acid oxidation method". The quality of silicon oxide layers formed by the nitric acid oxidation method is much superior to those for the conventional methods, which enables the use of much thinner oxide layers as gate oxide, and consequently the electricity consumption of TFT will be decreased to less than 1/25. Moreover, by the fabrication of TFT with fine gate structure and development of new circuit technology and architecture, the electricity consumption of system displays will be reduced to less than 1/10, leading to the decrease in the electricity consumption to less than 1/250.

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Professor, Osaka University
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Technology Innovation and Integration for Information Systems with Ultra Low Power
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