New Evolution of Nitride Semiconductor Lasers Based on Nanocolumn Crystals

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We do not have a clue as to what three primary colors are lined up by semiconductor lasers, because the green emission semiconductor laser do not be developed. This research project will prepare the ground for the realization of green emission semiconductor lasers utilizing the nitride nanocolumn, which was originally proposed by the project leader's group. As lasing properties of InGaN/GaN lasers rapidly deteriorate with lengthening the lasing wavelength from blue to green, the green emission region of laser do not be realized right now. Therefore, based on the nano-crystal effect, which is expected in the nanocolumn, that is dislocation-free character, strain alleviation and suppressed In compositional fluctuation, nano-lasers will be developed aiming green emission.

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Professor, Sophia University
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Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of Innovative Functions
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