Creation of New Quantum Optical Technology by Controlling Electric-field Waveform of Optical Pulses with an Extremely Short Duration

Research Project Outline

The goal of our project is to realize, 1) generation of sub-100- attosecond X-ray pulses utilizing high-harmonic-generation signals from noble gases, 2) generation of sub-femtosecond optical pulses in the near-infrared, the visible, and the nearultraviolet region by using higher-order Raman signals from quantum solids at room temperature or induced-phase-modulation phenomenon in inner-wall-coated hollow fibers filled with noble gases, 3) reversible and selective control of gene-expression- signature by laser-field as an application of quantum- state-control method to the optical response of DNA. We will perform these researches by making full use of the control technique of electric- field waveform of a 2.8-fs clean and single (almost mono-cycle) optical pulse in the near-infrared to the visible region, the duration of which is the shortest in the world.

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Specially Appointed Professor, Hokkaido University
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Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of Innovative Functions
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