Active Meso-optics based on Dynamical Spatio-temporal Control of Molphology

Research Project Outline

We propose and demonstrate "active meso-optics", a novel method tocontrol light via the dynamical control of the morphology of materials. We examine mechanisms to enhance the unique optical effects caused by a non-local response and/ or macroscopic coherence in a material, which aresensitive to a spatial modulation at a sub-wavelength scale. Novel methods to obtain an accurate control of the spatial and temporal profiles of light pulses are also investigated and utilized for a dynamical control of morphology. We also explore novel aspects of light-matter interaction in order to obtain schemes for the active control of light in the visible and THz spectral regions.

Research Director
Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami
Professor, The University of Tokyo
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Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of Innovative Functions
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