Functional Control of the Primary Process of Photosynthesis in Nano Space

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Photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes whose structures are modified are organized into lipid bilayer systems or onto electrodes in order to fabricate artificial photosynthetic membranes. These samples are subjected to the analyses using ultra-fast time-resolved coherent spectroscopy as well as timeresolved microscopic spectroscopy in order to make feasible the real time observation of excitation energy transfer. Determination of the phonon properties of these samples in broad spectral range is also performed. Based on all these investigations comprehensive understandings of the mechanisms of the excitation energy-transfer in the primary process of photosynthesis will be achieved. At the same time the way of utilization of photosynthetic systems as bio-nanodevices will be postulated. The expected outcomes are to establish guiding principles that lead the fundamental science and technology in the field of bio-nanotechnology of the 21st century.

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Professor, Osaka City University
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Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of Innovative Functions
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