Study of the imaging and photo-activation of cellular systems, and mechanism of photo-damage and uncaging of caged molecules

Research Project Outline

Two laser systems are to be developed.
① Multi-color lasers with high stability, high spatial and frequency and temporal coherence with minimum satellite.
② Three different deep ultraviolet-near ultraviolet pulse lasers with most suited properties to the ultrafast spectroscopy
Using laser systems ①, interactions among many proteins and signal molecules are spatially and temporally resolved. Furthermore physiological processes are triggered by stimulation with the multicolor pulses with simultaneous observation of the process
Using laser systems ②,the mechanisms of photo-damaging processes of biomolecules and biopolymers and uncaging processes of caged molecules are to be established.
By these methods new methodologies of understanding the mechanisms of cancer, memory, immune, and photo-damage are to be established.

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Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
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Enhancing applications of innovative optical science and technologies by making ultimate use of advanced light sources
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