Development of ultrafast atomic-scale imaging device using laser-plasma-driven single electron bunch

Research Project Outline

We are going to develop a single-shot electron imaging device with the femtosecond temporal and the atomic-scale spatial resolutions, which enables us to observe ultra-fast transient phenomena in condensed matter. In order to establish a high-performance ultra-short-pulse electron source for the imaging device, we shall elaborate a laser-plasma-driven electron injector, called the Laser Virtual Cathode (LVC) and based on the laser plasma electron acceleration, as well as the photo-controlled RF cavity techniques. In addition, we will expand the pulsed-power-driven electro-magnetic optics as the key component of the imaging system, which must be synchronized with the laser-driven electron pulses from the LVC.

Research Director
Specially-appointed Associate Professor, OSAKA university
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Enhancing applications of innovative optical science and technologies by making ultimate use of advanced light sources
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