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Transportation of Viral RNP in Nucleus and Manipulation of Chromosome using Optical tweezers: Challenge to Remove Viral Genome from Host Cell Nucleus

Research Project Outline

After infl uenza virus infection, the viral genome RNA-viral RNA polymerase-NP complex (vRNP) is transported into nucleus, where transcription and replication of the viral genome takes place. Using the fl uorescein-labelled virus,vRNP and the optical tweezers, we will perform: i) virus infection on to a single cell for monitoring single virus growth; ii) transportation of vRNP in nucleus; and iii)measurement of the power for vRNP transportation. Our research will be extended for devel-opment ofa novel optical tweezers system to be used for manipulation of the chromosome and for removal ofthe viral genome from infected cell nuclei.

Research Director
Professor, Hosei University
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Enhancing applications of innovative optical science and technologies by making ultimate use of advanced light sources
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