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Elucidation of Elementary Dynamics of Photo-Induced Phase Transition by using Advanced Ultrashort Light Pulses

Research Project Outline

Photo-induced phase transition is the most dramatic and complicated phenomenon related to interaction between light and solid-phase materials. In this study, we attempt to elucidate the primary dynamics of photo-induced phase transition using ultrashort pulses with a time scale of several periods of the carrier oscillation of electric fi eld of visible light (<10 fs), infra-red (ca.10 fs), and terahertz (ca.1 ps) regions. Elementary dynamics of charge, spin, and lattice that are driven by the light are clarifi ed. Ultrafast control of the electronic properties of the highly correlated system, which can be achieved using ultrashort light pulses, will indicate the directions of the devel-opment of new light sources.

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Associate Professor, Tohoku University
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Enhancing applications of innovative optical science and technologies by making ultimate use of advanced light sources
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