Start End Category Speaker / Presentation Title
9:25 9:30 [Housekeeping Items]
9:30 9:40 Opening Remarks Yuzuru Tanaka (Research Supervisor of CREST Big Data Application/Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University)
Session 1 Chair: Hajime Amano (President, ITS Japan)
9:40 10:20 Disaster Simulation Shunichi Koshimura (Professor, Tohoku University)
Establishing the most advanced disaster reduction management system by fusion of real-time disaster simulation and big data assimilation
10:20 11:00 Weather Forecast Takemasa Miyoshi (Team Leader, RIKEN)
Innovating “Big Data Assimilation” technology for revolutionizing very-short-range severe weather prediction
11:00 11:10 Break
Session 2 Chair: Koichi Takeda (Professor, Graduate School of Informatics / Director, Future Value Creation Research, Nagoya University
11:10 11:50 Statistical Computational Cosmology Naoki Yoshida (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Statistical Computational Cosmology with Big Astronomical Imaging Data
11:50 13:00 Lunch
Session 3 Chair: Tomoko Matsui (Professor, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
13:00 13:40 Data-driven Agriculture Masayuki Hirafuji (Project Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Knowledge Discovery by Constructing AgriBigData
13:40 14:20 Developmental Biology Shuichi Onami (Team Leader, RIKEN)
Data-driven analysis of the mechanism of animal development
14:20 14:30 Break
Session 4 Chair: Masafumi Shimoda (Board Member, Mibyoshakai no Shindangijutsu Kenkyukai)
14:30 15:10 Drug Discovery Makoto Taiji (Team Leader, RIKEN)
Development of a knowledge-generating platform driven by big data in drug discovery through production processes.
15:10 15:50 Biomedical Informatics Tatsuhiko Tsunoda (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Exploring etiologies, sub-classification, and risk prediction of diseases based on big-data analysis of clinical and whole omics data in medicine
15:50 16:00 Break
Session 5 Chair: Yasumasa Nishiura (Professor, Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)
16:00 16:40 Pandemic Prediction Hiroshi Nishiura (Professor, Kyoto University)
Detecting premonitory signs and real-time forecasting of pandemic using big biological data
16:40 17:20 Literature-based Knowledge Discovery Yuji Matsumoto (Team Leader, RIKEN)
Knowledge Discovery through Structural Document Understanding
Session 6 Chair: Yuzuru Tanaka (Research Supervisor of CREST Big Data Application)
17:20 17:40 Hands-on Portal Micke Kuwahara (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University)
Hands-on Portals to share the Projects' Research Achievements and to play with them
17:40 17:55 Comments from Advisors Research Area Advisors of Big Data Applications
17:55 18:10 Closing Remarks Yuzuru Tanaka (Research Supervisor of CREST Big Data Application)